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Thursday, January 12, 2006

To begin this mission journal ...

For those of you who are unaware, about a dozen people are heading to South Africa from Jan. 18-Feb 04. Our tasks are varied but our goal is to meet needs and make an eternal difference in the lives of those God brings us in contact with.

I understand that God has appointed two short weeks of interaction with my brothers and sisters in SA. However, some on our team will have opportunity to work with those who will soon die because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The team members will have opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them and we expect God's drawing to be effective in their lives.

Others will be sharing medical knowledge. Simple things like taking blood pressure and dressing wounds. As they teach, we ask that their teaching be clear and blessed and effective so that those being taught can help relieve some of the suffering in SA and create an opportunity to share Jesus.

Please pray for us while we are there. Pray that the soverign God will protects us from physical dangers. Pray that the Living God will energize us so that we can minister more than we ever thought possible. Pray that the lost will be found and the family of God will be strengthened.


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